Love is the most searched-for word at People are constantly trying to figure out what love is. Is it a feeling? How can we love better? How are we supposed to love our enemies? etc.

Someone struggling with feeling loved and showing love asked, “should I fake it until I make it?” What would you say? Here is my response:

From out of the heart the mouth speaks and if you’re like me what’s inside is also written all over your face. I don’t hide my emotions well and I would say that it’s unhealthy physically and spiritually to fake it. Focus on what God has done for you in saving your soul by paying your sin debt on the Cross of Christ.

That alone should be enough for you to “feel” loved, but honesty, God isn’t concerned about how you feel, but in WHO you are. I pray that you are “In Christ” because that’s what matters to God. Outside of that, He doesn’t promise that we are going to be happy or find emotional fulfillment in the things of this world, sadly that includes the people around us who we love. Showing them love, especially the love of Christ is the best way to glorify God. Eventually it comes back around, but there’s no guarantee of when, it could take until glory.

Seek Him in prayer, for He is your comfort and strength.

Kneel it ’til you feel it.

Pastor David