Well, as we begin this New Year many will consider changing some of their habits. Many will begin diets, some will begin exercising, and others will attempt to quit smoking, drinking and using foul language. One father told me he wants to work on being a better father and I’m sure most moms might want to be better at mothering. When I think about it, who hasn’t something they might want to change, I know I do. I wonder how may want real change; change that begins in the heart? For me that was 38 years ago. For 13,870 days now, God has been changing my heart to be more loving, caring, understanding, obedient, quick to forgive, longsuffering and on I grow. Let us not wait for a New Year to begin a New Life, remember David asked God to give him a new clean heart and to renew the right spirit within him.

Happy New You!

Pastor Bob