v46. So why did Jesus go back to Cana? Maybe to see if the people were still in their faith. Capernaum is about 15-20 miles away from Cana. The news that Jesus was in Galilee had spread.

v48. Referring to people, like those at Jerusalem that only believed because of the signs Jesus did. (John 2:23)

v49. He had faith that Jesus could heal his son. Why did he think that Jesus had to go to his son? He probably thought Jesus had to touch him or at least see him first. Do we sometimes put God in a box? Can’t God do what He needs to do anyway, anywhere, and anyhow He wants to? God is not limited to space and time. We need to stop expecting God to operate a certain way, but to have faith that He will do it, period. If his son had died, couldn’t Jesus have raised him if He wanted to?

v50. This man took Jesus at His word, by faith! He didn’t feel rejected, like Jesus turned him away, nor did he continue to petition Jesus to come, but he believed and went back home to see the evidence of his hope. Against hope he believed in hope.

v51. His slaves were eager to tell him the good news. We should also be eager to share what God has done in our lives.

v52. Confirmation of his faith. Is it OK to seek proof that it was God and not some explainable cause? Yes, it strengthens our faith when we know it could only be done supernaturally. The healing was immediate!

v53. Why did they believe? Because of his testimony. Not only in Jesus’ power to heal, but that He was the Messiah.

v54. When we see miracles or receive blessings, it should cause us to remember those previously. The greatest being our salvation!

Chapter 5

v4.   It is thought that this occurred during the three pilgrimage feasts – Passover, Weeks and Booths. Probably healed not just the first person in the water, but the first group. This is a miraculous supernatural event.

v6.   Jesus didn’t visit royalty and the religious leaders, but the sick and the sinners. Do we humble ourselves this way? Why did Jesus ask him if he wished to get well? Isn’t that what he was there for? Our flesh wants to hold on to the sin nature. If he were healed, then he would no longer be able to beg, but must work for his wages. Does this sound familiar? There are many people today who would rather continue to be supported by society than contribute to society. They believe that they are entitled. Since they have been living this way for so long, why ask for it to change.

v7.   If only they could get a little more help, maybe their situation would improve. No, this is just an excuse. If you hesitate someone else will take your opportunity.

v8.   These last two healings were done by Jesus speaking the miracle. He doesn’t even need to touch him or use the pool!

v9.   Immediately. Not the start of a healing process, but an instant, complete and perfect miracle.

v10. Why would Jesus do this on the Sabbath? Maybe to quickly spread the news of the miracle. Maybe to show that He was Lord of the Sabbath. Maybe to test the man’s faith to go against the man-made laws.

v11. We are to give God the glory for the blessings we receive from Him.

v13. He most likely slipped away so others wouldn’t ask for healings which would have caused a scene potentially getting Jesus into legal trouble. It was not yet His time.

v14. Jesus purposed to find him to continue the healing from physical to spiritual. What could be worse than what he had already experienced? Eternal damnation! Also, sin can cause bad things to happen to us.

v15. He had good intentions in telling them to give honor to Jesus and to let the Jews find the truth. He lacked the wisdom that it would harm Jesus.

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