Our Duty to Government

Our Duty to Government

Should Christians be involved in politics? Yes, it affects everything we do.

What is the purpose of government? To maintain order and to protect innocent people from evil.

What is our duty to it? To respect the authority.

God has established 3 major institutions – Home (marriage/family) the fundamental foundation of civilization (Gen 2:18-25), Government (Gen 9:1-17) and the Church (Acts 2).

v1.   “Higher powers” Who or what is the governing authority? It’s not men, all human authority is limited.

v2.   Can we resist authority without condemnation? Submission is not absolute obedience.

v3.   Was Hitler a servant of God? Were the Jews in Germany doing wrong?

The laws must be right and just.

v4.   (Rom 12:19) This is how God brings judgment on the Earth.

v5.   We are to honor civil authorities. Pray for them and obey their lawful commands.

v7.   Yes, our tax money pays for things that oppose the Bible (Planned Parenthood, etc), but we can always find something we don’t agree with. There is no perfect biblical government. In this country we can affect the political outcome. We can vote, lobby or run for public office ourselves, but we can’t just say we won’t pay taxes anymore. If you don’t like it, get involved.

The U.S. Constitution is our governing authority in this country. Not a person.

Should we obey everything the government tells us to do? Think of the German Christians that were hiding Jews during WWII. Or Rahab hiding Jewish spies (Josh 2). We have a greater duty to protect life than to tell a murderer the truth. (Acts 5:27-29)

How? Peacefully disobey government if it compels you to sin or prevents you from following God’s commands. Our government allows abortion, but unlike China, it doesn’t compel someone to have an abortion.

When you obey God, be ready to experience the wrath of man.

v9.   Is killing ever justified? Only in 3 circumstances (capital punishment, just war and self-defense).

How can we fulfill all of God’s laws? Love (in Christ).

What is love? (1 Cor 13:4-7) Not emotions or feelings. Sacrifice is the ultimate expression of love. (John 15:13)

v11-12. What will be the signs of Christ’s return? There are none. He can return for His Church at any time.

v13-14. How should we live then? We should conduct ourselves as Saints of the Most High God. How? (Rom 12:2) Renew our mind.

Our debt to government is respect and taxes.

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