Israel’s Present Rejection

Israel’s Present Rejection

Won’t God save the Jews as long as they are zealous and sincere?

v2.   They have respect for the Law which came from God, but they did not submit to God’s plan of Salvation. (Pr 19:2)

v3. Pride (Phil 3:9)

What must you do to be saved?

v6-7. It’s not works, Christ did it. (Dt 8:17, 30:12-14)

Why do you think Paul quotes the Old Testament so much? His audience. There were many Jew in Rome at the time.

v8.   By faith, righteousness is readily available to anyone who will receive it freely.

v10. It’s not just believing that (head), but believing in (heart).

v11. (Is 28:16)

v13. (Joel 2:32) The Jews must be saved the same way.

v14. How can they hear without a preacher?

v16. Did the Jews hear? Yes, but they did not accept it.

v18. Quote from Psalm 19:4. Spoke about the testimony of nature to the glory of God. Natural revelation = creation and conscience. What about those who have never heard? Is it like the O.T.? (Acts 10) The more biblically consistent view is that God will get true seekers the truth about Christ so they can be saved.

v21. God is still holding out his arms for the Jews. No matter how many times we reject Him, He is willing to take us back in. (Luke 15)

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