Mercy Found Through Repentance

v2.   A prophet of God is to be a messenger of the Word of God.

v3.   He was obedient. He may not have wanted to go still, but he put God’s will above his own. Not a 3 day walk from the coast, but a measure of the size of the city. Either 3 days walk around or through it.

v4.   God didn’t change the message to make it easier for Jonah to agree to deliver it. He let them know that their wickedness has reached to God in heaven and He is greatly offended. It doesn’t appear that Jonah preached repentance, only judgment.

v5.   Their conscience found them guilty of the wickedness for which they were accused. The people believed in God and that they sinned against the one true God who had the right and the power to destroy them. This knowledge brought them to repentance. They humbled themselves in submission to God. From the king to the servants.

v6.   Shows the king recognizing a higher authority than himself.

v8.   The king wasn’t commanding everyone to repent, but because of their repentance they should bot only fast for sin, but fast from sin. They are to admit that they deserve destruction and plead for mercy. So desperate to find mercy, even the animals would partake.

v9.   They don’t try to justify themselves by saying, “I’m a good person” or “I won’t do it again”, but they know that God’s anger and pending wrath is justified. They can only turn from their sin and hope for God’s mercy.

v10. Deeds = works. Not their outward works of fasting, sackcloth and ashes, but the fruit of their repentance through faith. A broken and contrite heart.

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