v1.   Their covenant with God was a marriage covenant, but when they set up idols and worshiped them they gave honor, affection, adoration and offering to them, but was due only to God.

v2.   They should not rejoice in the confidence of their current situation. The treaty they have made will fail and leave them hungry.

v3.   Forced into captivity, unable to live as Jews.

v4.   Their religious acts will not be accepted by God.

v5.   There will come a time in their captivity in which they will desire to observe the Holy days, but will be unable to. And they will feel sorrow, for it was their doing.

v6.   They can’t celebrate their festivals since they are not in Israel.

v7.   When the prophecy comes true, then the true and false prophets are recognized and exposed. They will also realize how much they despised the truth.

v8.   Israel had once been obedient and committed to God.

v9.   Gibeah refers to when a Levite’s concubine was raped and died from Judges 19. Unrepented sins are remembered.

v10. How God loved Israel that He made a covenant with them in the wilderness. Yet they have defiled it and gone after other gods.

v14. Better to have no children then to have your children slaughtered. (Luke 23:29)

v15. God must hate evil. Lo-Ammi = not my people.

v17. They were without a nation for 1900 years.

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