Israel Condemned

Ch 2

v1.   Told to a group of true believers. Ammi = My people, Ruhamah = Beloved

v2.   To proclaim to Israel that they had been God’s people and still would have been, but by their own fault. They are to evangelize of God’s mercy. It is crucial to reveal ones transgressions before giving the good news of the Gospel.

“Our pleading with sinners must be to drive them to repentance, not to drive them to despair.” – Matthew Henry

v3.   Judgment to make way for redemption.

v5.   Doesn’t it appear that our non-Christian friends or co-workers often find success and prosperity without God’s help? Do you ever attempt to use the same path or means to gain things?

v6.   God is going to show how powerless these Gods truly are. Problems will arise to keep us from sin or bring us closer to God.

v7.   Ultimately for repentance.

v8.   How should we acknowledge God for all He has given us? Praise, worship and thanksgiving.

v9.   Notice God says these things are His “My”. (Heb 12:6) Because He loves.

v11. Her, not “My”. This was Israel’s identity. They are to be taken captive and won’t be able to do these things.

v14. God doesn’t give up or abandon Israel. Gentle persuasion to accept His grace.

v18. After the Second Coming.

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