Ch 4

v1.   Knowledge is the same as “to know” as when a marriage is consummated. (Jer 4:22)

v2.   Sin is S.T.U.P.I.D. it is progressively destructive.

v3.   Why? Because of sin. Everything is affected. Corruption.

v5.   Prophet is a false prophet. Mother is the nation.

v6. Ignorance is no excuse. The priests were not teaching the truth, but neither were the people seeking for the truth. Otherwise, they could have found it.

v8.   The priests actually ate the offering instead of sacrificing it.

v9.   Both guilty.

v10. Their population would decrease along with their strength.

v11. Sin can desensitize you.

v14. The men would punish their wives and daughters for prostitution, yet they would commit adultery. Hypocrites.

v15. Israel is condemned.

v16. They will be scattered and without God’s provision or protection.

v17. Pass the point of returning to repentance. No use trying to reason with them.

v18. Idolatry was the cause of their spiritual condition. The depraved morals of the whole nation were offensive to God.

v19. They will be ashamed of their sin, but only after punishment.

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