Trust in Him

Trust in Him

v3.   He is coming to get His church! Not only to see it, but to participate in His glory.

v6.   Not a way or one of the ways, but the only way! Through Jesus for who He is and what He has done. (Is 35:8)

v7.   There is confusion because they are not thinking spiritually.

v9.   (Col 2:9)

v10. Through the Holy Spirit.

v11. Believe, believe, believe. Faith in order to save must be based on truth. The miracles confirmed it.

v12. Not only more sensational miracles, but to grow the church further and stronger. Because He will send the Holy Spirit.

v13. So long as it glorifies God.

v14. Must be in His will.

v16. If you do the will of the Spirit, you will have the comfort of the Spirit.

v17. You must receive Christ to receive the Holy Spirit.

v18. Just because He was leaving their physical presence. He would be with them spiritually.

v20. (Gal 2:20)

v21. True love is shown not felt. Action, not emotion. The best evidence that we love Christ is our obedience and conformity to His will.

v22. Judas or Thaddeus. He wrote the book of Jude possibly.

v23. Love is the root, obedience the fruit.

v26. Truth of the Word is revealed by the Holy Spirit.

v27. (Luke 2:14) A peace of mind and soul received by faith in Christ.

v30. Because He was sinless.

v31. Christ is the example of obedience.


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