The Best Shepherd

The Best Shepherd

v3.   Calls us to salvation. Leads us to truth.

v4.   He goes ahead to make the path to righteousness. We must know His will to know His voice.

v5.   The stranger refers to false prophets or bad shepherds like the Pharisees.

v6.   They didn’t understand because they were not His sheep. Christ is the door and the shepherd.

v8.   Can you recognize false shepherds? If we are true sheep of Christ, we should know His ways.

v9.   The only way to salvation.

v10. Life as it was originally intended without corruption. Eternal Life.

v12. Destruction awaits those who follow false shepherds.

v14. Shows affection.

v16. One flock, One door, Same rules.

v22. Not a biblical feast.

v23. Why does he tell us it was winter? His Gentile audience may not have known the Jewish customs.

v24. Surrounded Him, almost intimidating. When you are so deep in deception you may not recognize truth.

v25. He did not fulfill prophecy by talking, but by doing those things He was prophesied to do.

v26. They didn’t believe because they chose not to believe.

v27. He says this to convince them that they are not His sheep. (2 Tim 2:19)

v29. Refers to outside forces, however, you can choose to remove yourself from His hand. Runaways are not kidnapped, but choose to leave.

v30. Not one person, but one in nature, in being.

v33. So in their human understanding all the good He did couldn’t spare Jesus from judgement for His one “sin”. Yet, those in the world think they will go to heaven because they are a “good” person.

v34. (Ps 82:6) This is speaking about those who judge represent God in their judgments based on the Law and their authority to do so came from God.

v35. (2 Tim 3:16) Including the Old Testament.

v37. Works of compassion.

v38. God should be visible in true works.

v39. They changed their minds about stoning Him without a trial.

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