Put on Humility / Judas’ Departure

Put on Humility

v1.   Unconditional love is eternal.

v4.   Jesus laid aside His divine nature and took on Him a human nature to serve as a sacrifice for us.

v7.   A lesson in obedience by faith. We do not always know the reason. We are only to do what God desires. Sometimes we won’t even know where we will end up. (Heb 11:8)

v8.   Disobedience to God’s will is like making yourself a god.

v9.   Both of Peter’s responses were from his love for Christ. We are to be careful that our love for Christ doesn’t cause us to go beyond His will!

v10. We don’t need to be saved over and over again, we are justified. We only need to have our “feet” washed. We continually become sanctified.

v13. He is reaffirming who He is in spite of what He had just done. His humility doesn’t change His divinity.

v15. Not to wash feet, but to humble ourselves in service to others.

v17. Blessed by our actions, not our knowledge.

Judas’ Departure

v19. Why did He tell them? So they would recognize the fulfillment of prophecy.

v20. We as Christians are ambassadors for Christ. Just as He is an ambassador for the Father. We are authorized to represent His message. (2 Cor 5:20)

v24. This was done privately. He may have wanted to know so he could try to stop it.

v25. They didn’t expect Judas or anyone else for that matter.

v26. Why didn’t He just say Judas? This was a sign of honor and an appeal to Judas’ heart.

v27. Wasn’t Satan already controlling him? (John 6:70) No, he was allowing temptation to control him and his lust overtook him. He took his eyes off of Christ. He fell away and gave up his salvation. Satan could not have entered him otherwise.

v31. Now = After the traitor was gone. He waited to give His discourse. Christ glorifies God in death and God glorified Him in the resurrection. (Rev 3:21) He is also at the right hand of the Father exalted.

v33. He also told the Jews “but you will not find me”.

v34. Christ’s love is the standard. This goes hand in hand with believing in Christ.

v35. Agape love is selfless, sacrificial and unconditional. (Gal 5:22-26)

v36. Peter doesn’t dig deeper into this love, but goes to Christ’s departure.

v38. It is no easy task to die. Easier said than done.

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