Punishment / Crucifixion

v1.   John leaves out Jesus being sent to Herod and back to Pilate. Thinking a little display of punishment and humiliation would satisfy the crowd. The scourging did not keep Him from being condemned, but it prevented our being condemned. (Is 53:5)

v2.   Probably the robe Herod put on Him.

v4.   If He isn’t guilty, why scourge Him?

“It is common for those who think to keep themselves from greater sins by venturing upon less sins to run into both.” – Matthew Henry

v6.   Pilate’s third attempt to absolve himself of this matter. The leaders cried out to instigate, otherwise the crowd may have sided with Pilate at this point.

v7.   Now they have escalated their charge against Him. Pilate realized how seriously the Jews felt about one unified God and for someone to be claiming deity. It put that much more emphasis on offending them if he released Jesus.

v9.   Pilate was afraid to ask Him plainly if He was God.

v11. He doesn’t answer Pilate’s question in order to fulfill God’s plan. If Jesus had wanted to spare His life, now was the time to speak.

v12. Now they have threatened Pilate’s loyalty to Caesar.

v15. This shows Pilate surrendering not to his conscience, but to the Jews.


v16. Pilate handed Jesus over to the chief priests along with at least four of his soldiers.

v17. A significant place believed to be where Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac.

v18. Possibly as an insult to be among these sinners.

v19. As an insult to the Jews.

v22. Satisfied to deride them.

v26. John seems to be the only disciple present.

v27. Why? Mary had other sons, Jesus’ half-br0thers. They weren’t yet believers.

v28. Where else did we see Jesus thirsty? At the well in Samaria. He is now about to give us this Living Water.

v30. He may have wanted a drink so He could say these words. The greatest words a sinner could hear. Every prophecy concerning the Messiah was fulfilled, the ceremonial law is abolished, the veil is rent and man’s redemption is complete.

v31. The Jews didn’t want this to interfere with their festivities.

v33. Christ died much quicker than usual for a crucifixion. He gave up His life and had the power to do so at the appointed time.

v35. John’s explanation for writing his gospel.

v39. This is a lot of myrrh and aloe. Very costly. It seems no one was expecting the resurrection.

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