v1.   The Sea of Galilee. They have left Jerusalem.

v3.   They were fishing for food and income. Remember, they hadn’t been working for the last few years, but now go right back to what they know.

v6.   We must listen to God and act upon it to receive blessings. If they would have said that they already tried that or had given up, then they wouldn’t have caught any fish.

v11. What is significant about the net not tearing? It tore in Luke 5:6. They are to be fishers of men. It is encouraging that when they fish for Christ that the Holy Spirit will secure their catch.

v12. They knew it was Jesus. Who else could have known where the fish were and provided so many?

v15. More than the other disciples (Mt 26:33-35). Or more than he loves his friends? Lambs – new converts.

v16. Leaves out “more than these” so Peter doesn’t boast. Sheep – mature Christians.

v17. Jesus knows the actions, thoughts and emotions. Jesus is confident in Peter’s love for him  to be His undershepherd. He forgave Peter for denying Him.

v18. Letting Peter know that being an apostle isn’t going to be easy, but to expect to suffer unto death for Christ.

v19. Resoration to his apostleship. A fresh start to ministry. Follow in His sufferings and glory.

v22. Jesus is coming back! Don’t worry about other Christians missions, only concentrate on God’s will for you and pray to see it through.

v23. Shows Christ’s power over life and death.

v25. If you can’t believe what has been written, how will you believe all the other miracles? John could have stopped with chapter 20, but chapter 21 shows us that no matter what we were, we can be forgiven if we follow Christ.

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