Promise of the Holy Spirit

Promise of the Holy Spirit

v7.   It is not because Christ leaves that He sends the Spirit, but that He is to send the Spirit so He must leave in order to do so.

v8.   First the Holy Spirit is sent for the world. To expose their guilt and open their hearts to receive the gospel.

v9.   Unbelief is the sin that opens the door to all others. It is a sin against the remedy. The world may recognize theft and murder as sin, but not in rejecting the Gospel. The Holy Spirit works to reveal their transgressions toward God.

v10. Not by works, but by the finished work at the cross. Given to all who believe.

v11. And all of his followers.

v12. Not until they have the Holy Spirit.

v13. All truth. So why do Christians disagree on doctrine? Why are there so many denominations? (1 Jn 2:27) Not necessarily explanation of all difficult passages of Scripture, but to appropriate God’s truth already revealed. All things necessary to know for salvation and Christian living.

v14. The Holy Spirit is not to be worshiped.

v15. Bought and paid for at the cross.

v19. Either His death and resurrection or His ascension and the second coming.

v22. If the former, then sorrow over His death and joy for His appearance or the Holy Spirit’s. If the latter, then sorrow for living in a fallen world and joy in redemption.

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