Living Water

Living Water

v2.   Why didn’t Jesus do the baptizing Himself? Maybe some people would have thought more of their baptism is Jesus did it.

v4.   It wasn’t geographically necessary to pass through Samaria; most Jews avoided it by crossing the Jordan. The Holy Spirit led Him to go there.

v10. Living Water = Eternal Life

v12. Like Nicodemus, she wasn’t spiritually minded. She knew the past, but didn’t see the fulfillment of prophesy.

v13. Prosperity in the things of the World never fully satisfy.

v14. Our thirst only subsides in eternity.

v18. The Samaritans worshipped five gods.

(Gal 3:24) Is it OK to use the Law to bring sinners to Christ, just as it brought Israel to Christ? The Law reveals sin, convincing a sinner that they need a savior. Without realizing this, there are many who come to Christ for other reasons (prosperity, emotions, etc.) that would almost certainly be false in their profession and fall away. (1 Tim 1:9)

“The Law can only chase a man to Calvary, no further” – D.L. Moody

The Ten Commandments are like ten biting serpents that carry the venomous curse of the Law. They drive sinners to look to the One lifted up on the cross. If you don’t know that you’ve broken the Law, then the good news will seem foolish, even offensive if you think you are a “good person”. But once you understand that you are a sinner, then the good news that your penalty has been paid will surely be good news!

“The first duty of the gospel preacher is to declare God’s Law and show the nature of sin.” – Martin Luther

v20. Mount Gerizim (Deut 11:29, Josh 8:30-34) So the Samaritans built a temple on Mount Gerizim, but they had their story confused. Mount Gerizim is called the mount of blessing; Mount Ebal is called the mount of evil. There is a valley between them only about 200 yards wide. They are located basically at the center of Israel. Gerizim is fertile and smooth, Ebal is barren and rugged. The altar was built on Ebal by Joshua as commanded by Moses. Why didn’t he build it on Gerizim? To signify that by atoning sacrifice the curse would be paid for (through Jesus Christ). Sychar is the same place as Shechem in the O.T..

This is also where Abraham received the covenant.

This is also where Jeroboam, when establishing the northern kingdom, built two golden calves so the people wouldn’t need to travel to Jerusalem to worship. He also made priests that were not of the tribe of Levi. (1 Kings 12:25-33)

v21. Where you worship is not important.

v22. The Samaritans only had the first five books of the bible (The Pentateuch). They didn’t have all of the prophesy concerning the Messiah.

v23-24. (Josh 24:14) Change from Law to grace through faith. (Josh 24:19) True worship can only be done if you put away the foreign gods. You can’t have divided loyalty. You must be totally committed to God Almighty. Devotion not ritual.

Jesus is in the same place that Joshua told the people this.

v25. Almost as if not believing or understanding Him, she says I’ll wait for the Messiah to explain it.

v38. Spreading the good news is necessary and urgent. Our part may not be to reap, but to sow the seed. Either way we will be rewarded in eternity.

v39. Sharing your testimony is beneficial to encourage believers and convert the unbelievers. The gospel exposes sin, not to condemn, but to deliver from.

v42. How many O.T. guys met their wives at wells? Seems to be quite the pickup joint! (Gen 24:13-61) This is the account of Abraham sending his messenger to the well to find a wife for his son Isaac. This account is very similar to what we see here. Jesus comes to the well, the woman comes, she draws water and gives it to Him, He announces who He is, she goes back home to Sychar and announces the arrival, they come out and receive Him into their home and the arrangements are made. They get born again and become part of the Bride of Christ!

height:normal’>v35. God’s plan of redemption has been fulfilled through Jesus.


v36. Jesus is the only way.

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