v2.   This event hadn’t taken place yet.

v4.   Not to end in death, although he died he was not to stay dead. Even though God doesn’t receive glory from sin or sickness, He definitely receives glory when we are delivered from them.

v6.   We must wait upon the Lord, for it can only happen in His time. Patience.

v8.   Two months ago.

v15. Go to him, not go to his family. To fix his situation not to comfort the mourners.

v16. Thomas is encouraging the other disciples to be willing to lay down their lives if need be. He is also showing that he recognized the coming death of Jesus and not a Messianic Kingdom.

– This story is only told in John. Why? Possibly because Lazarus was alive when the synoptic gospels were written and had since died when John was written. It could also be because of the intended audience, but not very likely.

v22. She isn’t making the connection that He is God.

v24. She knew this because of Daniel or Jesus’ teachings, but she acts like that isn’t enough, that future event won’t comfort her now. Do we undervalue our future hopes and dwell too much on the present?

v25. Not only does He give life, but He is life. He has the power over death. Resurrection is the return to life.

v26. Lives and believes, after death it is too late to make the decision.

v32. Mary says the same thing Martha said, yet there is a difference. She fell at His feet with a public audience.

v33. What troubled Him? Was it their mourning, even though He knew what He was going to do? We should share in grieving with our Christian family. Maybe He was troubled because they wished to have Lazarus back with them, yet He was probably better off where he was.

v35. Shows His humanity. We never read that Jesus laughed. This might show us that a mournful state will consist with the love of God. Tears of compassion make us resemble Christ.

v36. Although His tears were not really for Lazarus.

v38. Groaned for the unbelief and hardened hearts in His midst.

v39. Corruption and decay sets in by day four. Jesus rose after three days because He was not to see corruption.

v41. He thanks God for this miracle before it happens. This is not the first time He has prayed about this concerning Lazarus.

v47. They did not deny His miracles, but their unbelief caused them to misunderstand the meaning of them.

v48. The Romans did anyway.

v50. Ironic that he wants Jesus to be a sacrifice.

v51. His plan would actually be used for God’s plan. A true statement/prophecy, yet with a different meaning, one that Caiaphas could never have imagined.

v52. Jew and Gentiles.

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