v2.   This shows that His message the day before had reached the hearts of some of the crowd.

v3.   They intentionally interrupted His teaching.

v5.   Not completely true, a woman was to be stoned in two instances 1.) If she was found to have not been a virgin on her wedding night if accused by her husband. 2.) If she committed adultery while engaged. Otherwise, both man and woman were to be put to death if either of them were married. If neither were married, the man would have to pay the woman’s father and marry her! So where was the guilty man in all of this?

v6.   What was the test? If Jesus told them not to stone her, they would accuse Him of going against the Law. If He said to stone her, then it would show Him to be inconsistent with His teachings.

v7.   We should be able, like Jesus, to offer mercy and grace. We are all sinners, but as Christians we have accepted the solution and we are to offer it to others. Bring the sinner to repentance. Don’t destroy them, but save them.

v9.   Accused by their consciences.

v11. Why didn’t Jesus condemn her (she was guilty)? He was not on the Earth to judge and would not get involved with secular affairs. He forgave her sins as He has forgiven ours.

v12. The people listening to Him in the temple are still there, only the woman’s accusers had left. This is a similar message to the one He gave the day before. What does this mean to those that don’t follow Him? That they are in darkness. What does it mean to have the Light of Life? That we have a guide. And what are we to do with it? To reflect that light to all people.

v15. His ministry was to save, yet He will judge all sinners.

v19. Basically tells them they don’t know God.

v21. The sin of unbelief.

v23. They are lost.

v24. They are S.T.U.P.I.D. Suppress the truth, Thankless, Unwise, Prideful, Immoral, Depraved mind.

v25. Do we not listen until we can’t do it alone?

v31. He is warning them that they must believe all of His Word, but unfortunately like in the parable of the sower, many do not continue in the faith.

v32. What truth? Who God really is and His plan of redemption through Jesus. Free from what? From the bondage of corruption.

v33. Did they forget about the Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks and even at this time the Romans?

v35. House = The Kingdom of God.

v36. By His crucifixion.

v38. Who is their father? Satan.

v41. Speaking about their lineage through Isaac as opposed to Ismael. Also, claiming that they are not idolators.

v44. Sin brings death.

v47. Remember that He is speaking to those that claimed to believe in Him. Why do you think He questioned their belief? Many come to Christ for the wrong reasons.

v48. There wasn’t much worse a thing to be called than a Samaritan.

v50. Jesus humbled Himself, but the Father sought glory for Him in His sacrifice.

v51. “Keeps” not only believes, but faithfully maintain a course to fulfill His Word. Like a clock that keeps time doesn’t stand still.

v52. Changed see to taste. They do not see the spiritual message.

v56. Abraham knew the plan of redemption would be through the Messiah.

v58. Again telling them of His eternal existence and His divine nature.

v59. Blasphemers were to be stoned, but only after a trial where convicted.

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