Jesus is God

Jesus Is God

Why are new believers told to read John first? Have you ever recommended it?

Why did John write this Gospel?

v1.   John doesn’t cover the baptism of Jesus or His temptation in the wilderness, but starts immediately after He returns from the 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness.

What beginning? Did God have a beginning? No. This is speaking of creation. (Gen 1:1)

What is the Word? Jesus. Why? (Heb 1:2, Matt 17:5)

Our words make known our thoughts. Jesus had made known God’s mind to us. He speaks from God to us and to us from God.

v2.   Jesus was a being before the beginning.

v3.   He took part in creation.

v4.   (Ps 36:9)

v5.   Not that the darkness didn’t understand the Light, but that it couldn’t overcome it. Nothing Satan has done or will do can stop the plan of God.

Jesus is not merely human, but the incarnation of a divine being. The Son of God.

v6.   Man. There is a very clear difference in the description of John the Baptist here compared to the one of Jesus in the previous verses.

v7.   (Mal 3:1) Malachi was considered the last O.T. prophet over 400 years before Christ.

Does light need testimony? When you turn on a light in a dark room, does someone need to tell you that it is light now?

John is proclaiming the Light to those who have closed their eyes. He is announcing that the morning has finally come; wake up for the Light is here. (Ps 19:6)

v10. We can only know Christ by revelation. Even when He walked this Earth people did not know him outside of revelation.

v11. If the founder or owner of the company that you work for visited your office or department, would you show him respect? But, what if you had never met him and he came incognito? Would you show him the same respect?

v13. Not by works or religion, but as a free gift from God. Grace is not passed through the bloodline, unlike sin.

(1 John 3:9) Jesus was born of God.

v14. Jesus took on a human nature, His second nature.

Dwelt = tabernacled. The significance of this is the O.T. reference. God’s glory was in the tabernacle. Now Christ is bringing God’s glory to everyone.

v17. Shows Jesus as the Law keeper to believers. The Law showed man’s wickedness, Jesus shows God’s goodness.

Grace is getting what you don’t deserve. Truth is absolute – for all persons, at all times, in all places.

v18. A direct description for Jesus as God.

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