Jesus’ First Miracle / The Clearing of the Temple

Jesus’ First Miracle

This takes place three days after John the Baptist announced Jesus as the Lamb of God. At this time He has about 5 disciples.

Take note that His ministry begins in a remote area of Israel, not in Jerusalem.

v4.   He is stating His independence from His mother/family. He acts on God’s timing only. What message should this send to the Catholic Church?

v8.   This shows Jesus as God over nature.

v9.   He didn’t use the old wine containers, so that there was no question of any trickery. He did this discretely, not with a huge production for all the guests to know. He did not question it, He did not inspect it, He knew it had been done.

v11. Why did He do this miracle? To reveal His glory and to confirm Him as the messenger to His followers.

Even the strongest Christians were once immature.

The Clearing of the Temple

This could have been a few months later.

v14. (Mal 3:2-3)

v16. He was not upset at what they were doing, but where they were doing it. They were in the outer court of the temple, where the Gentiles were allowed to come to pray. They should have been outside the gates. (1 Tim 6:10)

Does this represent the Church today?

We also are to purge our hearts (the temple) of sin.

v17. Christ’s zeal for the sin in our hearts is why He died for us!

v18. Wasn’t driving out the money changers and animal sellers all by Himself enough of a sign.

v22. Observing the fulfilling of scripture helps to understand. Think of the Book of Revelation.

v24. Some only believed because of the miracles.

v25. Maybe they thought He was the Messiah, but to reign in an earthly kingdom and that they were seeking governmental positions?

us is the ladder!


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