Final Week

Final Week

v1.   Knowing what is to come, Jesus comes back closer to Jerusalem. Maybe to say farewell to His friends.

v3.   Equivalent to over $10,000 today. Usually anointed on the head. She was willing to offer her best in return for what Christ had done for her, yet He was going to  do something greater.

v6.   Sin often hides under the appearance of good intention. Do you suppose there is any correlation between Judas’ role as their treasurer and his act of betrayal? He allowed his love of money to open the door to temptation.

v9.   If you were there, wouldn’t you want to ask Lazarus a few questions?

v10. Sin is progressively destructive.

v11. Because of the miracle.

v12. Passover.

v13. Palm branches were used to celebrate victory and triumph. Also, during the feast of Tabernacles. (Lev 23:40)

v17. They were so moved to share  the truth of this great miracle, our testimony should also continue to be evangelized without hesitation.

v18. The raising of Lazarus was significant in that it was perfectly timed to confirm all that Jesus did before and to gain Him honor before His sufferings.

v23. Now that the Gentiles are seeking Him, it is time to begin the new covenant.

v24. His death was a necessity to bring life.

v25. Lusts of the flesh.

v26. It is not enough to see Jesus, but you must serve Him.

v27. Not that He couldn’t, but that He wouldn’t for the plan was set.

v28. All that Christ did glorified the Father.

v30. So they would believe.

v31. Satan.

v32. Remember this speech began with Gentiles, so here Jesus is including non-Jews. All are drawn, yet not all are saved. Not by God’s choice of election, but by man’s choice of belief.

v34. They claimed the Old Testament promised that the Messiah would never die and rule and reign forever. They obviously ignored the text that the Messiah would be but off (Dan 9:26), to pour out His soul unto death (Is 53:12) and that His hands and feet should be pierced.

v36. This was Christ’s last public speech.

v38. The signs should have been enough, revealed to Israel.

v40. They could not believe because of their unbelief in what Christ has been saying and doing.

v41. John is making no distinction between Jesus and God.

v43. Many did believe, but their faith was weak.

v44. We don’t believe in a mere man, but in God and His Son.

v45. They are one and the same.

v48. He did not come to judge, but to save. Judgment is done through His Word.

v50. Eternal Life is found no place else.

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