Feast of Tabernacles

Feast of Tabernacles

v2.   Or Feast of Tabernacles. Booths came from the name of the temporary housing that the Jews would live in for the week.

v5.   Unbelief does not stem from a lack of intellect, but from a heart not convicted of sin.

v6.   The things of God have a set order of purpose, yet the things of this world are of no great purpose and their time and happenings are inconsequential to God’s plan.

v7.   Why does the World hate Christ? Because the gospel bears testimony against sin and sinners. (Lev 11:44) Holiness.

v8.   (Ex 33:3) As God withdrew Himself because of their sin, so Jesus would not accompany His brothers, since they were going to the Feast for the wrong reasons.

v10. 2-3 day later.

v12. He is more than a good man; He is the Son of God.

v14. This feast lasted 8 days, so this was in the middle. Why did He wait and not speak the first or second day? The buzz about Him being absent had probably died down by day 3 or 4.

v15. “Astonished” – They were clearly impressed with His message.

v16. Taught by the Father. Divine revelation.

v17. If we conform to God’s will, then we will know the truth. (Ps 111:10)

“Those who resemble God are most likely to understand Him.” – Matthew Henry

v18. Speaks of His perfect righteousness.

v19. The Law was not given to the Jews to be a burden, but a blessing. The Law revealed to Israel God’s holiness and gave them instruction to honor Him.

v24. Like the appearances of the Pharisees. Judgment must be done based on the whole Word of God, not only part of it, perverting it for self-satisfaction.

v25. The plot was not completely secret.

v27. This was misinterpretation of scripture.

v28. They do not truly know Him or God.

v30. God is in control!

v31. These people believed because of the signs. Isn’t that proof enough?

v32. The Pharisees had no authority to arrest, so they had to team up with the chief priests.

v33. So it is for us as Christians that this life is only temporary.

v34. Cannot because of their unbelief.

v35. Thinking Jesus would take His message to the Gentiles.

v37. Teachers usually sat down. He cried out of compassion.

v38. Was this the first alter call? Open invitation to all.

v39. This is the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

v41. Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah would glorify Galilee (Is 9:1). His base was in Capernaum.

v43. They had a lack of understanding of scripture.

v46. They followed their consciences.

v51. They are overlooking the basic parts of their own laws because of their sin (pride, anger).

v52. Also not factual.

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