Equal to God

Equal to God

v16. It wasn’t only this one healing that Jesus did on a Sabbath, but numerous signs and wonders.

v17. He proclaims His right and reason to do these things. God does not take a day off from His compassion.

v18. He didn’t really break the Sabbath, just the man-made laws. He was right to make Himself equal with God, but this enraged them all the more. Have you ever noticed that when someone disagrees with the truth, that the most truth you give them the more defensive and angry they become?

v19. He is subservient to the Father, humble and dependent. A perfect picture of how our relationship with God should be.

v20. He did only what His Father told Him to do.

v24. Faith in the finished work on the cross.

v25. This is the resurrection of the saints to come and also being born again now.

v26. As God gave physical life, Jesus gives eternal life.

v28. The saints and the damned.

v29. First the rapture, then after the millennial reign the Great White Throne judgment.

v30. In His human nature He depended on God for His authority. His judgment is perfect because it comes from the throne of God. By God’s will and wisdom.

v31. It wasn’t only Jesus claiming to be the Messiah, but John the Baptist, God, His works, scripture and Moses who testified of Him.

v34. Although John’s testimony was true, more importantly was the testimony of God. He mentions John to let them know that if they respected and believed John, they should believe Him.

v35. Once the religious leaders realized that John’s ministry was more than repentance, but to introduce Jesus, they felt threatened and turned away from him. Similar to how some who become Christians, when the “promise” of a wonderful plan for their life doesn’t develop, walk away from God.

v36. His miracles confirm the messenger and the message, especially Calvary. The good fruit we produce also gives testimony to Christ.

v38. As much as they boasted of being God’s chosen people, they did not know God as He is, or His word. Otherwise, they would have received Christ.

v39. The only salvation found in the O.T. is through the scripture pointing to Christ. The Law cannot save.

v40. Eternal life comes only through Christ.

v41. Jesus didn’t come to receive glory and honor, but to give it.

v42. He knows the heart.

v43. False prophets and the Antichrist.

v44. This is why some preachers water down the gospel. (2 Tim 4:3)

v45. They were already accused by breaking the Law. By the Law is the knowledge of sin. Christ came to reconcile God and man.

v47. Jews in name only.

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