v2.   Most likely this is where He usually stayed while in Jerusalem.

v3.   It was a full moon, yet they brought lanterns and torches.

v4.   He approached them. He didn’t try to hide like the first Adam. (Jn 6:15) He escaped when they wanted to make Him king, but He surrendered Himself when they came to arrest Him.

v5.   Judas chose the side he was on. John leaves out the kiss.

v6.   100, 500, or 1,000 men recognized the power and force behind those words. They did not fall forward to humble themselves and honor Him, but backward.

v7.   Why does He ask them again? To make it clear that they realize what they are doing and to whom. Also, to acknowledge that they were only there for Him and not the disciples.

v8.   After His display or power they dared not disobey Him. If He could deliver them here, why would He allow them to find harm tomorrow. Peter should have understood this. The disciples weren’t yet fit to suffer. The stronger our faith and the closer to Christ we may actually suffer more for Him.

v9.   In Ch 17 this is said in reference to their being kept from sin and deception, but here John applies it to their physical well being. Christ will preserve our lives if needed to serve Him.

v10. They had two swords in the group. This is an example of walking ahead of the Spirit. His motivation came from his love for Christ, but not from Godly wisdom. Peter ignored Christ’s instruction for the disciples to be left out of this arrest. John reveals the names of those involved, but leaves out Jesus healing the ear.

v11. God is in control. We are warned not to attempt to alter the plan of God, as if we could anyhow.

v12. Most likely standard procedure. Bound – typically in this fashion: hands behind Him, chain around His neck like a leash to drag Him along.

v13. Annas had been the High Priest until the Romans replaced him in 15AD. He probably still held the respect of the Jews which is why they stopped here first.

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