Amazing Grace / Investigation

Amazing Grace

v3.   As we see in Job, not every sickness, struggle or disaster originated from some specific sin. So the greatest sufferers are not necessarily the greatest sinners. *God is able to help in the most desperate situations.

v4.   We, not only Jesus. We must use every day to do the work of God. We are not to be idle. Night or death will be the end to our efforts.

v7.   Jesus could have easily spoken the healing, why make this man go through this process? To test his faith. Also, as a sign of Christ’s blood washing away our sins.

v8.   Being blind,  the only way of income was begging.

v9.   He is grateful for his gift and not ashamed to hide it.

v12. Jesus didn’t stick around after His instructions. This man didn’t even know what Jesus looked like.


v15. He leaves out that Jesus made the clay and that he had to go someplace to wash. He was probably trying to protect Jesus.

v18. They are trying to disprove that the miracle even happened.

v21. Their son most likely told them what happened.

v22. They didn’t want to be excommunicated.

v24. Give glory to God = Asking him to tell the truth.

v25. He won’t let them take away the blessed gift he received.

v34. The Pharisees progressively became more angry and took it out on this man. He was excommunicated.

v35. Jesus was looking for him to encourage and comfort him since he was banned from the synagogue.

v38. He believed that Jesus was the Messiah and worthy to be worshiped as God. A true conversion.

v39. His doctrine ultimately leaves the judgement to man’s free will in accepting or rejecting Him.

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