Israel’s Past Election

Israel’s Past Election

Has God failed with Israel?

v3.   Could wish – He doesn’t wish, but could have. Christ’s death on the cross already did it. This is even after they persecuted Paul and wanted to kill him.

Brethren/Kinsman – Shows Paul has a forgiving spirit.

v5.   The Israelites have many spiritual privileges, yet they have not accepted the Salvation that is provided through them. Paul has great anguish and desire for their Salvation.

v6.   It is a matter of the heart.

v11. Choice or election in regards to the plan of the nations. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob = Israel, Esau = Edom, Ishmael = Arab tribes. (Not the election of individuals to Salvation) (Rom 11:28-29) The Gospel (justification) and choice (election) are different things.

v13. Hated in comparison to God’s perfect morality.

v15. Mercy on the kind of people, not individuals. He lays down the conditions under which he will bless or punish.

Is God arbitrary and unjust? Does this sound like a fair God? Does He elect and harden hearts? No.

v18. God is not arbitrarily choosing some to Salvation and others to damnation.

v21. Potter = God, clay = Israel. (Again, not talking of individuals, but of nations) To use them here on Earth to fulfill His plan, even the ungodly.

v22. Patience to bring repentance.

v25. (Hos 2:23) God would call the Gentiles.

v26. (Hos 1:10) Gentiles would be called “sons of God”.

v27-28 (Is 10:22-23) The remnant of Israel would be saved.

v29. (Is 1:9) Without the remnant, all of Israel would perish.

God’s promises stand.

Can we be both predestined and have free will? Once we choose Christ, we are adopted into God’s predestined plan.

v30-33. Why didn’t the Jews believe? Religiosity

-bottom-alt:auto; line-height:normal’>v38-39. (2 Cor 4:17) Our victory is certain.


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