Israel’s Future Restoration

Israel’s Future Restoration

Who is Israel and what is the remnant?

v3.   Elijah had given up on Israel and thought God’s plan failed.

v4.   But God had a remnant!

v5.   You can’t buy something that is free. God chose the nation of Israel, however, the majority of them became unfaithful and missed out on God’s blessings.

In times of general apostasy, there is a remnant that keeps their integrity. Freedom from the present prevailing corruptions of the times and places that we live in.

v9.   What can become our snare?

How is our Salvation related to the Jews? (John 4:22)

v12. Because the Jews rejected the Gospel, the Gentiles benefit.

v14. The Jews may become envious of the faith of the Gentiles, which will move some to be saved.

v16. Not that all Jews are righteous, but that God will be true to His promises to Israel.

v17. Broken branches = unbelieving Jews, wild = believing Gentiles, root = promises to Abraham that nourishes all.

v21. Natural = believing Jews/remnant.

If God isn’t going to spare the Jews due to their unbelief, then He isn’t going to spare us due to our unbelief either.

v24. God is more than willing to accept the lost Jews.

Who is in control of their destiny? We are by free will.

v25. When will Christ return and how will Israel respond?

(Zech 12:9-10) There is a vast harvest of the Gentiles.

v26. There will be a vast harvest among Israel.

v27. When will this be fulfilled? When Christ comes back.

v28. Speaks of the election of nations. You can’t be elected and not saved as an enemy of the Gospel.

(Dt 4:37) This same love and grace will revive their privileges.

(Lev 26:42) God is able to graft them in again.

v29. God will not change His mind, but fulfill His plan.

v32. God used the Jews to save the Gentiles, now He is using us to save the Jews.

v36. Your life is from God, you are sustained through God. Therefore, live your life to God. (Rom 12:1) True spirituality is always God-centered.

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v38. Was this the first alter call? Open invitation to all.

v39. This is the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

v41. Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah would glorify Galilee (Is 9:1). His base was in Capernaum.

v43. They had a lack of understanding of scripture.

v46. They followed their consciences.

v51. They are overlooking the basic parts of their own laws because of their sin (pride, anger).

v52. Also not factual.

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