The Unjust (Shrewd) Manager

Luke 16:1-14

What topic is discussed more than faith or prayer in the Bible? Money.

What is Money? Allows people to be compensated for their work and then buy work they can’t do themselves.

Who do the characters in the parable represent?

  • Rich man – God
  • Manager – Christians
  • Debtors – Unbelievers

v1.   The manager has wasted his employer’s goods.

v2.   We will also need to give an account to God.

v6.   50 measures = 400 gallons = about 17 months wages of an unskilled worker.

v7.   20 measures = 200 bushels = about 17 months wages of an unskilled worker.

What do you think the Pharisees want to happen next? Justice.

v8.   This is a good lesson from a bad example. What’s the good lesson? He’s shrewd, he’s planning ahead for the future. It’s dishonest, but shrewd.

v9.   We should be alert to make use of what God has given us. What does money affect? Everything and everyone. Solomon said money solves everything. Paul said the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Money by itself is neutral, it can be used for evil or it can be used for good. Too often it takes us away from doing good though.

v10. Have you ever caught a co-worker or friend in a lie? Does it make you question everything else they say? Quite frequently the lies revolve around money.

v11. Comparing worldly things to spiritual things.

v14. Israel had come to believe, like many today in the prosperity of word of faith movements, that riches and health equaled Godliness and poverty and sickness equaled the curse of God. So they made fun of Jesus.

What human beliefs are shattered?

  • Why didn’t Jesus say it was wrong to give the boss’ money away? Our money is really God’s money. We should give it away to benefit the Kingdom.
  • We are all stewards of God’s resources and will be held accountable for how we manage them.
  • Since it is shrewd to plan for tomorrow, it’s even more important to plan for eternity.

What divine wisdom is revealed?

  • We should plan for eternity by using God’s money entrusted to us to reach and disciple people for Christ.
  • There will be eternal rewards that far exceed material rewards.
  • If you’re not faithful with material treasures, why should you expect to receive spiritual treasures?
  • You can’t serve both God and money. Serve God and use money, don’t serve money and use God.
  • Don’t just invest your money, but also invest your life in eternity.

Should God fire you?

What do you do with your (God’s) money, time, gifts and opportunities? We are just stewards.

Why is the Dead Sea dead? There is no outlet, the River Jordan deposits everything into it, but there it stays. Don’t let the blessings you receive become dead.

How many of us reasonably could do more for eternity? All of us, me included. So with God’s help, let’s do that!

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