The Mustard Seed

Mt 13:31-32, Mk 4:30-32

What role does faith play in your life?

The mustard seed growing to become a tree is surprising, almost unnatural.

In Matthew Ch 13 Jesus uses 7 parables to teach about the Kingdom of God and true faith. Two others following this one are the Hidden Treasure about the new covenant and the Costly Pearl about Christ being worth everything.

How do these relate? The Jews believed in a Messianic kingdom ushered in by conquering militaristic king like King David. They also thought keeping the Law brought salvation.

Where else does Jesus mention a mustard seed? Matthew 17:20 where little faith or unbelief stood in the way of the disciples performing the exorcism.

Who could have imagined someone like Jesus with His lowly disciples could grow the church from the 120 present at Pentecost into a worldwide, multi-generational Christian faith? It’s like the 70 Israelites that became slaves in Egypt that multiplied into the millions.

Do we trust God on a daily basis? Are there areas in the Bible that we should be trusting and believing in, but we’re not? Maybe things we should be doing that we’re not? Sins of omission? Evangelism, helping the needy? Why not? Maybe we are embarrassed or are afraid of rejection?

Grace through faith saves us not the Law.

It’s not enough to hear God’s word, but obey it. (James 1:23)

True faith (however small it is) will bring forth great reward (Mk 10:15, Mt 18:3-4) like a child’s faith in their father. Represents humility, dependence and trust the same way God wants us to have faith in Him.

Who do the characters in the parable represent?

  • Mustard seed – Word of God, man – Christ, field – the world, tree  – church, birds – doctrines.

What human beliefs are shattered?

  • Something that seems so small and inconsequential can grow into something large and life changing.
  • We walk by faith not by religiosity.

What divine wisdom is revealed?

  • Faith is vitally important to God. (Lk 18:8)
  • Faith is an investment in things that will become great.

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