The Ten Virgins

Mt 25:1-13

Context in Mt 24:42

Who do the characters represent?

  • Bridegroom – Christ
  • Foolish virgins – Religious hypocrites
  • Wise virgins – True believers

v4.   Lamps = works, flask = pure heart, oil = grace through faith.

v5.   All got drowsy, with the cares of the world. Too many Christians grow tired of awaiting Christ’s return. Sleep = death (Ps 49:10)

v6.   Rapture. Though He tarries long, He will come at last.

v7.   Without the oil it is only a religious act.

v8.   Realized their foolishness after it was too late and there was no more grace for them. (2 Pet 2:20)

v9.   The wise knew the great value of their oil(Faith). They don’t say; too bad, so sad or boast in what they have. But take pity and try to direct them to a solution.

v10. The door may shut at any time.

v11. Hypocrites demand grace, as if it is something to be earned or deserved.

v12. Outward righteousness and inward emptiness.

What human beliefs are shattered?

  • Profession of religion will get you no recognition on Judgment Day
  • The door is open, but will one day close (death or second coming)
  • Judgment will come

What divine wisdom is revealed?

  • God would have given them oil, had they asked sooner
  • There are no second chances after death
  • The suddenness of death or Christ’s coming will not be something to fear or desire to delay if we are prepared
  • Watch, be diligent to care for your soul
  • The time of Christ’s return is very uncertain, we must always be ready

If you miss heaven and wonder why, look in the mirror and you will have your answer.

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