The Ten Minas

Luke 19:11-27

Similar to the parable of the Talents in Mt 25:14-30. Except everyone is given the same amount of money here.

Who do the characters represent?

  • King – Jesus
  • Enemies – Pharisees
  • Faithful – Believers
  • Lazy – Believers

v11. Listening to what things? A tax collector getting saved. Earthly Kingdom, they thought He was heading to Jerusalem to take the throne.

v13. 1 Mina = about $5,000 today. Wants then to put the money to work. As we are to put our abilities to work until Christ returns.

v14. Enemies. The Pharisees and others who reject Christ. Heed this warning. (Jn 15:24-25)

There is a time gap between v14 and v15. This is the time we now live in.

v15. The Second Coming. Then the Judgment Seat of Christ.

v16. Turned one Mina into ten, about $50,000. Faithful.

v17. Faithfulness constitutes the basis of all judgment.

v19. Rewards proportionate to works. There are different degrees of rewards in Heaven, just as punishment in Hell.

v20. Lazy.

v21. Untrue. If he was truly afraid would he really have done nothing? No. What could he have really thought? That the nobleman is not actually coming back, he didn’t need to worry about it.

v22. Not admitting that this is true, but the servant’s opinion. He will be judged according to his opinion that he served a hard man.

v23. At least be a steward if not a good steward. Not necessarily representing the unsaved, but spiritual apathy that allows the Lord’s work to go undone. Failing to encourage, pray and bear fruit. (1 Thes 5:14-19) Sloth – neglecting what God has spoken and being physically and emotionally inactive. Could be deliberate or careless.

v24. Judged for what he didn’t do.

v25. Does this seem fair? Won’t the faithful servant be more productive with it?

v26. Spiritual wreckage. Not only losing what they could have gained, but even what they now have.

v27. Enemies – All unbelievers. Great White Throne Judgment. Faithful will gain rewards, lazy will lose rewards, enemies will be judged. Not killed, but spiritually separated from God.

What human beliefs are shattered?

  • The Messiah will not set up the Kingdom now, but will return to do so – be ready!
  • Hiding money is not productive. We are to use our resources for the Lord’s purposes. Teaching, praying, giving.
  • God is just and loving. Pharisees saw God as only just. Many today see God as only loving.

What divine wisdom is revealed?

  • Enemies will be judged, the faithful will be rewarded, the lazy will lose rewards and have their portion given to others.
  • Grace never condones irresponsibility. If you are given something you have a greater obligation to use it.

What are the lazy to do? Pray, meditate, study, fellowship and serve.

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