Matthew 13:3-23

Who do the characters represent?

  • Sower – Jesus
  • Seed – Word of God
  • Birds – Satan
  • Soils – Hearts
    • The Road
    • Rocky Places
    • Thorns
    • Good
  • Sun – External Persecution (Suffering, Struggle)
  • Thorns – Internal Persecution (Temptation, Worries of the World, Wealth)

4 Types of Soil

  • The Road – Closed/Hardened Hearts. Hearers that don’t understand. Unwilling to receive the Truth. Satan snatches the Word. Leads to unbelief.
  • The Rocky Places – Receives the Word with joy. No foundation. Believers not disciples. Looking to improve their physical condition.
  • The Thorns – Receives the Word, but is not a doer of the Word. Diverts the heart and chokes out the fruit. Believers.
  • The Good Soil – Receives the Word and understands. Lives out their faith bearing fruit. Receptive heart results in abundant harvest.

What kind of soil represents your heart?

What is the fruit? (Gal 5:22-23) The fruit of the Spirit, saving souls, doing God’s will.

The Kingdom begins by preaching the Word.

Is evil or pleasure more distracting?

What is more important, happiness or truth?

What human beliefs are shattered?

  • God broadcasts His Truth to all kinds of people.

What divine wisdom is revealed?

  • Unbelievers exist, not because the Word is no good, but because human hearts are often not good. Some close their hearts, some wilt under persecution, some get strangled by worldly pursuits.
  • When you broadcast the Truth, expect resistance even from some who claim to be believers.

Are you feeding your soil or your temptations? The one you feed will win.

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