The Great Supper

Luke 14:16-24

What is the context/audience? v1. Pharisees and dinner guests.

v15. A true statement. Whom ever said this surely included himself in the blessed. A bit self-righteous?

Now Jesus tell a parable to show who are truly blessed to enjoy the privilege to be in the Kingdom.

v16. The free grace and mercy of God. He invited all.

v17. (Rev 1:3) Hurry, come now, don’t wait.

v20. Who would refuse such a kind invitation to a feast? They initially accepted, but when the time came they made excuses.  Would you purchase land without seeing it first? would you buy oxen before trying them out? Self, self, self, selfish.

v21. If you threw a party and no one showed up would you be angry, especially if they said they would come? Mercy and Grace! Wouldn’t this group of people be more thankful for the meal and hospitality?

v23. All are to be invited. Compel – not by force, but by truth (God’s Word). They may not feel welcome or worthy to attend. Bring them in kindly with love. (Is 49:6)

v24. Not blessed.

Who are the characters?

  • Master – God
  • Slave – Disciples
  • Invited – Pharisees/Israel
  • Poor – Believing Jews
  • Those on the highways – Believing Gentiles

What human beliefs are shattered?

  • Not everyone will enter the Kingdom
  • Since Israel rejected others would be invited
  • The Kingdom is vast and there is more room

What divine wisdom is revealed?

  • Complacency keeps people from Christ
  • Manage your worldly affairs so they don’t keep you from your spiritual pursuits
  • God’s plan will not be delayed or thwarted
  • Refusal into the Kingdom is by choice

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