Try in Vain

v2.   Irony. No matter what Nineveh does, they will be destroyed and Israel will be restored.

v4.   Frantic chaos.

v8.   Not the moat, nor the walls or anything in defense can help when God contends against a people. Not even their gods or temples can protect, but will be destroyed along with them. Courage is gone as all who can try to flee.

v9.   The invading armies are invited to take away everything valuable, to make Nineveh worthless.

v10. Fear of death or losing all that is worth living for. They don’t have the want even to fight, the pain of fear and loss is debilitating.

v12. All the glitter and gold that was in Nineveh from all their conquests have now been taken from them. Sarcasm – “Where are they now?”

v13. (Rom 8:31) The most dreadful words you could hear. If God is against you, it doesn’t matter who else is with you.

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