Return to Wickedness

v1.   Approximately 100 years after Jonah. They returned to their wicked ways and became worse than ever.

v2.   God must take action against anyone who opposes His love and holiness. He will protect His people.

v3.   To be a just God, He must bring judgment. No amount of time forgives guilt.

v4.   God has power and control over nature.

v6.   If God can cause earthquakes and all manner of storms; what human can stand against His awesome power?

v7.   He is good in that God knows who is for Him and who is against Him. And with the same power that He uses against the unjust, He uses to protect His people.

v9.   What can be brought against God that He can’t overcome?

v10. The Assyrians were all alike in their wickedness and prideful, drunk with power, so God deals with them as one.

v12. Though previously God had used the Assyrians to chastise Judah, He will now remove the threat.

v13. Instant deliverance. When the Assyrians planned to take Jerusalem and angel killed 185,000 men in the army.

v14. God used the Babylonians, the Medes and the Scythians to destroy Nineveh.

v15. Deliverance. (Ps 126) Through Christ we are delivered from sin’s consequences.

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