v3.   “The invading armies are coming.” This attack took about 2 1/2 months. So many casualties that the bodies are in the way of the attackers advancing.

v4.   Reason for their judgment – Idolatry.

v5.   Hopeless against God’s wrath. The punishment of a prostitute. They would be unable to defend themselves which would reveal the useless gods they served.

v6.   So other nations would see God’s power.

v7.   No one will attend Nineveh’s funeral, no sympathy. Other nations would even be pleased about their destruction.

v9.   They felt invincible, but other powerful kingdoms had been captured, so why would they be immune?

v11. Drunk with the cup of God’s wrath.

v14. No matter what they do, nothing can stop their destruction.

v17. Nineveh was buried until 1845, hidden under the sand.

v19. The city was so totally destroyed that it was never rebuilt. The hearers of this prophecy did not believe any of this could ever happen.

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