Prayer of Reconcilitation

v1.   Finally Jonah prays. There is no reference to him praying on the ship. Did he pray on day 1, 2 or 3?

v2.   Being cast off the ship, Jonah expected death, yet God spared him.

v3.   He doesn’t blame the sailors, but realizes that God is responsible for his judgment.

v4.   He seems to expect to live. Why else would he still be alive inside the fish?

v5.   He recalls how he nearly drowned before this fish swallowed him.

v6.   Not only by God’s mercy was his life saved, but also he was saved from his running away from God.

v7.   No matter where you are, through Christ we can reach the throne room of God through prayer.

v8.   Not only referring to the sailors, whose God’s could not stop the storm, but to himself in that when he sought his will and not God’s when he abandoned his calling becoming faithless and without God’s mercy.

v9.   Because God saves us we should sacrifice, thank, praise and worship Him. Do you have any unpaid vows to the Lord? Only God can save. How helpless Jonah was inside that fish. Totally dependent.

v10. Answer to prayer. Nature doesn’t question God.

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