Pay Attention

v1.   Pay attention.

v2.   A false proclamation of knowledge.

v3.   Evil begins with rejecting what is good. Suppress the truth. They rejected God.

v4.   They did not seek God’s guidance. They took their prosperity that God had given them and made idols!

v5.   Their claim of innocence is hypocrisy.

v6.   The creator is not to worship the creation. (Acts 19:36)

v7.   Their idolatry has no benefit.

v8.   They lost their identity since they were living just as their neighbors.

v9.   They try to gain peace and protection their own way, stubborn and without God.

v10. Assyria didn’t protect them. Israel’s real enemy was God.

v11. They broke God’s command by building multiple altars and through it sin was heaped on them in which they used the altars not for God, but Baal.

v12, They had the guidebook, but disregarded it.

v13. Not a sacrifice of the heart. Back into captivity.

v14. Israel built shrines to idol gods and Judah relied on the city walls to protect them. Neither trusted in God, but in the works of their hands. Eventually Assyria and Babylon both burned the cities.

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