Ch 7

v1.   God intended to heal Israel, He desired to, but was unable because of their hearts. Lying lips and more idolatry kept them in their sufferings. Thief/Bandits – Sin causes problems to the sinner, but not readily noticed or accepted. Sins by another that causes pain or suffering is unacceptable to the sinner, even though they tolerate their own destruction.

v2.   The wicked forget that God can see all their deeds. They are foolish to think of God as a man or statue.

v3.   The rulers seek approval of their wickedness and delight in the company of others who take part in their evil.

v4.   This sin has corrupted them. Like a cold oven or dough that doesn’t rise is a waste and useless.

v5.   They think they can live life however they want.

v6.   They are so overrun with evil, they are constantly in wickedness.

v7.   Through all this violence and total depravity, no one recognized the cause of it all. None repented.

v8.   You couldn’t differentiate between the Jews and the heathens. A cake burned on the bottom and uncooked on the top is good for nothing.

v9.   They don’t recognize their coming destruction.

v10. They are willfully disobedient.

v11. They tried to negotiate agreements with both opposing sides.

v12. Judgment will come to the disobedient and rebellious.

v13. Lies – believing God wouldn’t punish them and ignoring the warnings, hypocritical religious acts, and denial of God’s power.

v14. Cried in misery, not sorrow. Hypocrites. They didn’t want a relationship with God, only His provision. The carnal mind.

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