God’s Grace

v1.   God is always ready to receive all who come to Him with open arms. He offers no condemnation, only acceptance.

v2.   Not sacrifices or rituals, but words out of a repentant heart is what God requires to extend His grace to us.

v3.   Not relying on Assyria, Egypt or their idols, but in the mercy of God.

v4.   Because of their repentance.

v6.   Spiritual growth = Sanctification.

v7.   Good fruit is the result of spiritual growth which makes the church stronger and able to grow in number.

v8.   Good fruit is not done in the flesh, but through the will of God. True repentance is not only being sorry and ashamed of your sin, but turning from your sin.

v9.   It is our duty to know and understand God’s grace and the cross of Christ. But the simplicity of God’s love and mercy is difficult for an unbeliever to accept.

Hosea was not only willing to take Gomer back, but he actually paid the price to buy her back.

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