God’s Compassion

v1.   Why is Israel now portrayed as a son and not a wife? (Matt 2:15) God’s love is why He sent His Son.

v2.   The prophets called Israel to repentance, but Israel would not listen.

v3.   God led them through the wilderness and gave the Law so they would know how to live righteously.

v4.   God had blessed Israel in every way, yet they still turned from Him.

v5.   A propensity to do evil caused them to love sin more than God.

v6.   God’s counsel would have spared them if only they had sought it.

v7.   Again the prophets call for Israel to turn from their idolatry, but they are continually backsliding.

v8.   Mercy over justice. Admah and Zeboim were destroyed along with Sodom and Gommorah.

v9.   God’s love does not waiver because of emotion.

v11. A picture of their return from exile.

v12. Israel had abandoned God for other idols, but Judah had the temple. They abandoned God for self-sufficiency.

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