False Conversion

Ch 6

v1.   Not a strong statement of repentance. They should have said, “let us forsake our ways and return to His ways”. Only looking for an escape from their problems (a better life).

v2.   Before corruption and decay. At the last minute, but not too late.

v3.   Hosea stresses the importance of knowing God. But here it is not a spiritual or relational knowledge that is sought, but a superficial one. It’s as if they expect God to do all the work to fix the relationship.

v4.   God knows the intention of the heart.

v5.   Although warned by the prophets and found guilty by the Law, they are unchanged. God’s judgments are perfect.

v6.   (Jer 7:23, Mic 6:8) Sacrifice is meaningless to God without mercy and understanding the will of God. Unlike Baal, which only required sacrifices.

v7.   Adam ate the fruit, but all generations to follow have sinned against God.

v9.   Ramoth Gilead and Shechem were both cities of refuge. The priests would take money for the protection of these murderers. They would also lead them into idolatry.

v10. Idolatry is horrible to God.

v11. Harvest = Judgement. Restoration to come at the Second Coming.

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