v1.   Wind signifies emptiness or worthless treaties. Israel’s dependence on their alliances results in desolation.

v3.   Symbolizes Jacob’s perseverance and desire in the flesh to get the birthright and to be in control. (Gen 32:26)

v4.   In his stubbornness Jacob struggled with God. Wept = He was humbled. God made Himself known to him at Bethel.

v5.  The one true God. He would make Himself known to Israel too, if only they would repent. God is to be acknowledged and adored by us.

v6.   Depend on God, not on your ability or treaties. Live righteously and trust in God. Learn patience as Jacob learned to wait upon the Lord.

v7.   To reveal His righteousness, God shows Israel their unrighteousness.

v8.   Defending their sin by not acknowledging it as sin. Assuming their self-sufficiency and prosperity meant they were without sin and righteous. Much like the church today.

v9.   He will take away their prosperity and as in the wilderness, bring Israel to a place of reliance on God.

v10. They had fair warning and are without excuse.

v11. Stone heaps = numerous.

v13. God preserved Israel in Egypt and protected them in the wilderness by Moses, so they would serve Him. Yet, they would no longer heed the Word of God through other prophets.

v14. Out of love, God has no choice, but to hate evil.

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