A Broken Heart

v1.   Ephraim had been the largest tribe. Sin has a cost.

v2.   Sin is progressively destructive.

v3.   Ephraim is soon to disappear in number and prosperity.

v4.   God reminds them of the first commandment. (Ex 20:1-5)

v5.   Like a question of a broken heart. What did I do wrong?

v6.   Remember Gomer? Hosea had provided for her, yet she played the harlot.

v8.   Although in the past God had been a tender shepherd, His patience will turn into fury.

v9.   Israel’s punishment is self-inflicted.

v11. In God is their hope found, not in a king.

v12. Unforgiven because they are unrepentant.

v13. They had no concern for their future, only to live in their present prosperity. Now they have no escape from punishment.

v14. The lack of repentance warrants a lack of redemption. A picture of what we escape through justification by faith.

v15. Through the Assyrians, God will punish Israel.

v16. It will be a vicious, horrible thing.

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