Ch 5

v1.   All are to blame. They are all guilty before God. To allow sin. To tolerate evil is unloving.

v2.   Human sacrifice. You don’t revolt against what you don’t know.

v4.   They are trapped in their sin. Their love of sin won’t allow them to seek the truth, but to run from it.

v5.   Even Judah. Pride is the beginning and the trap. It kept them from repentance.

v6.   In desperation they will sacrifice, but without repentance it will be meaningless to God. They will seek God, but on their terms and in all the wrong ways.

v7.   Punishment for discipline to change their hearts.

v8.   War is to come 50-60 years later.

v10. Judah adjusted the Law. They changed it and added to it to suit their ways.

v11. As opposed to God’s command.

v13. After slowly noticing their corruption, they sought a solution from the wrong king.

v14. When the slow discipline only caused discomfort and not repentance, God’s wrath and judgment is quick and fierce. It is easy to see the results of sin, but oftentimes difficult to spot the cause (sin).

v15. God is to abandon them so they see their wickedness. To truly repent you must admit guilt.

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