The Genesis Project

The Genesis Project is a plea for people to stop dabbling in religion and grow in Spiritual Maturity.

It’s a call for us to stop playing church and to start being the Church demonstrated in our commitment to Jesus Christ.

The only true purpose for living a Christian life is to know, love and serve God with all our hearts, mind, soul and strength.  (Mark 12:30)

It is the goal of the Genesis Project is to challenge us towards this commitment.

All across America, ministries of all sizes and shapes have created a frenzy of religious activity which produced more programs, buildings and events that have left us still questioning our faith in Christ Jesus.

The church in America is losing influence and members faster than any other major institution in the nation.

It is our opinion people are looking for spiritual truth but can’t find the answers they need in the Christian Church.

The sad fact is most of our efforts are wasted because new believers are not being absorbed into a healthy community of believers and are not moved from decision to conversion.

People are looking for spiritual enlightenment but Christianity is having less impact on people’s behaviors and perspectives regarding faith.  A growing majority of people have dismissed the Christian faith as weak, outdated and irrelevant.  Those who have turned to Christianity and churches seeking truth and meaning have left empty-handed and confused by the apparent inability of Christians themselves to implement the principles they profess.

Many have demystified God, He’s referred to as dad, Christ is a buddy and the Holy Spirit is forgotten.  Few Americans possess a sense of awe, fear or trembling when relating to God.

Our thinking and behaving are no different from anyone else.  We are called to be a light in the darkness not a friend to the darkness. Omni Polls regarding Christian and non Christian behaviors repeatedly show these to behaviors 1 to 2 percentage points different, hardly a light in the darkness.  The Church needs to effect the culture and not be effected by it.