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We cannot give God anything that he does not already possess. He gave us everything, including life itself.

Anything we do for him is only returning to him what he provided to us in the first place.

He knew we needed guidance, so he gave us his Word, the Bible.

He knew we needed power, so he sent us the Holy Spirit.

He knew we needed encouragement, so he gave us brothers and sisters in the church.

And he placed us “in Christ.” At this point the great words of the gospel come into play: salvation, forgiveness, grace, mercy, love, peace, hope, eternal life, redemption, substitution, propitiation, reconciliation, adoption, justification, regeneration, and glorification. All of it is given to us freely in Christ.

Or think of the little word new.

New hope, New heart, New mind, New standing, New position

New name, New power, New direction, New destiny

New life

David P.