Pastor’s Note

Dear Church,

What is the root of your faith? Do you trust in Jesus because it feels like the right thing to do or because you know that He is the truth? As maturing Christians, we are all at different stages of development in our faith.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand and sometimes we doubt what others seem to have no questions about. Either way, it’s okay. You are a new creation, the old is gone and the new has come. But sanctification is a process that God has promised to complete in each of us who believe.

Do you trust that the Holy Spirit will comfort you and teach you how to follow Jesus? I pray we all do.

God Bless, Pastor David



One thought on “Pastor’s Note

  1. Mark TIBEY says:

    So good to see you at Priscilla’s birthday celebration. Hope you and your ministry continue to flourish. What a blessing to receive your new facility!

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