“Our hearts are restless until they find rest in you.”- Augustine



     We would like to welcome you to New Life Christian Fellowship Church.

     We exist to give importance to the New Testament pattern of the church with a strong emphasis on the WORD of God. We teach and provide fellowship based on brotherly love and spiritual freedom anointed by the Holy Spirit. Our desire is to build a foundation of believers where all believers of “like precious faith” can be comfortable.

     New Life Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational fellowship. New Life was founded and incorporated in 2000.

     We believe the Church has a responsibility to: Evangelize the world. Provide a place where families and individuals can worship God freely. Be an instrument in preparing a body of believers to be perfected in the image of Christ. 

Browse our site and see what God is doing through His people. God bless.


Senior Pastor Robert Goulet

Assistant Pastor David Poisson


 Join us at 10:00 on Sunday

57 Manley Rd

PO Box 1466

Auburn, ME 04211



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